There are also OG TikTok usernames, which have minimal characters or are words from the English language. Cch thay i tn ngi dng ca bn:1. your address, mobile number). Still cant decide on your TikTok username? Delete your current username and enter a new one. We welcome people from around the world, as they come to TikTok to discover a diversity of ideas, creators, and products, and to connect with others in our community. Under each section you can click for more information where you can find definitions, specific examples, and clarifications to common questions about what is allowed. . The program will create two txt files. Delete your current username and enter a new one. If you switch to a private account you can approve or deny follower requests, and only users youve approved as followers can see your content. To sign up for TikTok, you must provide your date of birth. Yes, TikTok rejects data requests from law enforcement authorities where they do not meet the requirements that are clearly set out in ourLaw Enforcement Guidelines. However, since most of the one-word usernames are taken, youll have to come up with combinations of words if you want a username without numbers or special characters. For example, for users located outside the US, UK, EEA and Switzerland, the TikTok service is provided by TikToks Singapore entity. An alert showed up telling me I have to change my user name cuz they are changing the rules. In the TikTok app, tap Profile at the bottom. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 4. Lastly, you can use iam as an alternative to your first choice. The easiest way to determine how much you could potentially earn from TikTok is to enter your username in our TikTok Influencer Engagement and Earnings Calculator, which you will find near the top of this post. Using a combination of words is a great idea to come up with creative and catchy usernames. Update your username before the new rules take effect. message will no doubt be confused. Private videos are visible only to you, and you can select this setting when you originally upload the video or by later making an uploaded video private. Strong passwords are essential for protecting your personal information and identity online. Heres a cheatsheet of TikTok username suggestions. 3. The guidelines apply to everyone and everything on our platform. You can send them a link to your profile from the app by navigating to me . 1. If you're registered as a Personal Account, then you can apply for Personal and Institutional Verifications.5. For instance, if youre posting videos about dancing, skits, or pets, try adding related words in your username. To sign up for TikTok, you must provide your date of birth. Hence, keep your username consistent in all of your socials. For the most part, these videos involve people putting their faces in front of the camera. However, periods can't be put at the end of the username. TikTok offers a home for creative expression where people can enjoy an eclectic range of immersive, genuine, and entertaining videos from dance challenges to lip-syncing to DIY tutorials to historical parodies to internet memes. To start making money on TikTok: You must be at least 18 years of age You must be based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Ital. @ghostangels. So, the next time someone asks you for your TikTok handle, give them your username or link to your profile. Open TikTok and tap on the "Profile" icon on the bottom navigation bar. If you choose to create your account using another platform, you will also be asked to provide your birth date to us directly. A TikTok handle is basically your TikTok username. If the username that you want is already taken, you can try mixing it up by adding words, numbers, underscores, numbers, or periods to it. 3. He has researched, tested, and written hundreds of articles ranging from social media platforms to messaging apps. This is because the username that you want might already be taken. This means that if your username is example for a particular social media platform (e.g. To request verification of your TikTok account:1. If you would like to promote your business on TikTok but also post organic personal content, we recommend you to conduct these two activities on separate accounts. Keep in mind that your TikTok username can only contain letters, numbers . Tap on Username to edit your TikTok username. Below youll find additional resource materials from our Safety Partners. Think about options like: Whether you want to share your videos with the world or just your closest friends, the choice is up to you. Once you signed up for TikTok, youll get to choose your handle. TapSettings and privacy.4. All requests received undergo a case-by-case assessment by TikToks dedicated law enforcement response team before any user data is disclosed. Best TikTok Made Me Buy It Products in 2023. What can we help you with? Download the TikTok app from the iOS App Store or Google Play. Here are a couple of tips you can use to come up with the perfect one if youve ran out of ideas. Your username can have up to 24 characters. Can I apply more than once?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok has my age wrong, I'm 18 or older. However, periods can't be put at the end of the username. Tap Save.Note: Your username can only be changed once every 30 days. At TikTok, our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. The most common examples are as follows: Aside from rejecting requests from law enforcement authorities that are not made in accordance with the relevant legal processes and requirements, TikTok will in accordance with applicable law: TikTok may disclose user data without receiving a formal legal request (based on valid legal process) in the following cases: All emergency disclosure requests undergo a case-by-case assessment and each request will be evaluated by our law enforcement response team based on its particular circumstances. How to tell if an account is verified on TikTok. Your handle must contain an @ sign and it must be unique to your account. // 23,597 XP UNTIL NEXT LEVEL //. Many TikTok users are seeing the Were changing our username requirements message when logging into the Android and iOS app. gettext(`web_menu_tiktok_rewards`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_gettingstarted`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_creatingacct`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_setupprofile`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Adding a profile photo or video`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Changing your username`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Linking another social media account`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Changing language preferences`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_foryou`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_createfirstvideo`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_usingtt`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_createvids`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Creator tools on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok Stories`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Credit a video`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Duets`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Stitch`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Camera tools`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Effects`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Sounds`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Editing, posting, and deleting`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Create playlists of your videos`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Accessibility`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_explorevid`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`For You`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Friends Tab`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok Now`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Liking`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Sharing`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Discover and search`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Watch videos in a playlist`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Video Downloads`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_messaging`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Comments`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Direct messages`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Notifications`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok stickers`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_followers_following`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Following and unfollowing`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Finding friends from your contacts`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Removing followers`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Blocking users`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Finding your blocked list`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_growaudience`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`How to grow your audience`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Verified accounts on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Personal and Business Accounts on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Government, Politician, and Political Party Accounts`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`My videos aren't getting views`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`How can creators earn on TikTok?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Use Promote to grow your TikTok audience`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_rptproblem`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_acct_privacy_settings`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_acctinfo`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Screen time`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_acctprivacysettings`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Choosing between a private or public account`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Activity Status on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Suggested accounts`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Location information on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Direct Messages`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Remove original sounds`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok profile view history`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Teen privacy and safety settings`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Video privacy`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Dark mode`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_changing_personalized_ads`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`About This Ad`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Change your personalized ads settings`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`How your ads are personalized`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Advertiser settings`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Your ad activity`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Requesting your data`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`How your email and phone number are used on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok Mobile Application Identifier app`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_deletingacct`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_safety`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a comment`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a direct message`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a hashtag`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report an impersonation account`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a LIVE comment`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a LIVE video`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a sound`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a suggested search`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a TikTok Now`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a TikTok Sticker`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a video`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report someone`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report underage accounts on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report another issue`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Share feedback`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_acct_usersafety`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Account safety`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`User safety`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Community Guidelines`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Content violations and bans`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Audience controls`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`For Parents and Guardians`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Avoid fraudulent message attacks on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Inactive Account Policy`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Minimum age appeals for TikTok LIVE`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Underage appeals on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Intellectual property`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Copyright`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Trademark and counterfeiting`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Youth Portal`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Connect to third-party apps`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok Developer Tools and related terms`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_rptsecurity`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_login_troubleshoot`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_login`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Browse as guest`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Email and phone number`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Forgot my password`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`My account has been hacked`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`My account logged out automatically`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Reset password`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Still need help?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_troubleshooting`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`First steps`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Report a problem`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Issues with TikTok LIVE`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Why am I seeing a "too fast" error message?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_ttlive_gifts_wallet`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_ttlive`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`What is TikTok LIVE?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Comments on TikTok LIVE`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok LIVE multi-guest`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok LIVE Events`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok LIVE Replay`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok LIVE Campaign`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`LIVE Gifts on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_gifts`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Gifts`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Send a Gift during a LIVE on TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Send a Gift to a TikTok video`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_ptopic_business_creatormonetization`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_ttbiz`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`I am interested in becoming an advertiser on TikTok.`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`How can I contact TikTok for advertising related inquiries?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_creator_bizaccts`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Branded Content On TikTok`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok Advertising Policies-Ad Creatives`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`TikTok Advertising Policies-Industry Entry`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_tcm`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`tt_hc_stopic_ttcreatorfund`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`What is the TikTok Creator Fund?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`Who is eligible?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`How do I apply?`,_ps_null_pe_,_is_null_ie_), gettext(`What if I'm not accepted? He creates guides, walkthroughs, solutions, and more on games that he plays to help other players with their progression. To request this data, you must submit your request through the Emergency Disclosure Request Form. We evolve them to address emerging risks and potential harms that may occur from new behaviors.Our approach to content moderation is built on four pillars: Our guidelines are organized by topic area, with each rule in bold. When you use TikTok, we process your information to support your use and functionality of the platform. If you are a business, institution, or entity, your email domain must represent your business during the verification approval process (ex. 240+ Funny Instagram Captions (For Friends & Selfies). The username can be found on an account's TikTok profile. The TikTok Username no longer valid message appears to be linked to the app being down. When coming up with a username, make sure to keep it as simple as possible so that it is easy to remember. Learn more about the tools and settings we invest in to help you manage your TikTok experience. Open TikTok and tap on the Profile icon on the bottom navigation bar. In submitting a request, law enforcement officials are required to ensure that any information provided is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge and good faith belief, and that the disclosure (or other action) requested is necessary and proportionate for the purposes of the prevention, detection or investigation of offences, or to prevent an emergency. What happens after your TikTok LIVE access has been removed TikTok reserves the right to seek reimbursement for the costs associated with responding to law enforcement requests. (2023). An example of an OG TikTok username is @someone. Please submit all preservation requests to our webform: with your preservation request attached in PDF format. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok will preserve information for an additional 90-day period upon receipt of a formal request to extend the preservation. This is Googles attempt at a TikTok competitor. Tap Edit profile. No takebacks! Can kids under 13 use TikTok? Tap on "Username" to edit your TikTok username. It is a place for fun and positive content created by real people around the world. The results will be written into a Text File. Choose a method to sign up. Overly broad or unspecific preservation requests will not be actioned. You cannot go more than the character limit. Step #1: Set up a TikTok Pro Account. Any idea what the chang will be? It is the responsibility of the requesting law enforcement authority to clearly indicate in their request whether any of these criteria are met. You can either sign up for TikTok via phone or email, Facebook, Google, Line, Twitter, KakaoTalk or with apple. TikTok publishes Transparency Reports with information on the number of requests received from each country. 3. Usernames can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. The Were changing our username requirements message appears to be part of the issue and is likely being sent out in error. Instagram), you want to use the same username for all other social media platforms (e.g. seek to narrow the scope of data requests in terms of the volume of data requested, the number of users they relate to and/or the time period to which they relate; ask for further information in support of the request (in particular, for details of the relevant legal process and/or the type of offence(s) under investigation); or, communicate to the requesting law enforcement authorities that a request via the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (. All requests to TikTok and any supporting documents (including orders, warrants, and/or subpoenas or equivalent) must be provided in English or with a translation. Another simple suggestion to include in your username if your first choice is taken is to include im at the front of your username. TikToks requirements for disclosing user data to law enforcement authorities are clearly set out in ourLaw Enforcement Guidelines(in particular see Sections 1 and 3). A big part of establishing a great TikTok experience is understanding how to secure your presence on the app from the get-go. As single word usernames are already taken, a combination of words has a higher chance to be available. Add usernames to be checked in Usernames.txt (Each username on its own line). Lets say that you want to choose John as your username but its already taken. Enter your desired username. Lu : Bn ch c th thay i tn ngi dng 30 ngy mt ln.